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Gauge Cluster Update: Software Update 162.3 - 6/27/2023

Numerous issues resolved, some of which are: Hazard flashing indication, speed limit sign, steering wheel control and blacked out cluster.

It is important to mention that this is not an OTA, Over The Air, update and you will need to go into the dealer for repair if you have any of these concerns.

Why is this update needed?

It appears there some software anomalies in the gauge cluster and while not all are resolved with this update, it's a step in the right direction. the new cluster software update, 162.3, was released for vehicles equipped with the RPO code UDV and while the update does provide general robustness and stability enhancements not noted, it also includes all prior updates.

Most notable improvements

Fixes issue where hazard flashing indication is not shown during welcome animation sequence in the cluster.

When data plan is available, speed limit sign will be hidden when speed limit data is unavailable or zero (previously displayed as "- -"

Resolves issue where single steering wheel control press caused cluster menu to jump multiple pages.

Resolves issue where cluster blacked out for approximately 3 seconds and recovered.

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