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10L80 Abnormal Whining Noise: Fixed in 2022

2022+ 10L80 Transmissions have the revised oil pump drive gear

2020 - 2021 Silverado / Sierra equipped with the 10L80 transmission

Owners may notice the presence of a distinct noise that starts as a faint whine or growl and gradually becomes more pronounced as the engine's RPM increases. This noise tends to manifest itself after approximately 15,000 miles (24,140 km) and higher mileage. It can be heard either from the front of the transmission or the rear of the engine.

A diagnostic tip has been released to check the transmission oil pump gear for abnormal wear or damage

To find out if your vehicle is effected, it is recommended to take it to your dealership for proper diagnosis. Likely, the technician will need to remove the transmission oil pan, valve body and the transmission oil pump. From there, a visual inspection will be performed to the oil pump driven gear on the oil pump for abnormal wear or tooth damage. At the same time, the idler gear will get the same inspection and if any abnormal wear or damage is found, the driven gear in the front cover will be damaged as well.

Image shown is the oil pump

Debris in transmission

An additional concern now that gear wear has been found, where did all of this material go? One would hope it was isolated to just the pan, and the filter did it's job of keeping any debris out. The transmission will need to be thoroughly inspected for any potential debris that made it's way through the system before it wreaks havoc on more components, like the torque converter or clutches.

No Wear Or Breakage, now what?

If there was no wear or breakage found, it is noted to begin engine diagnosis. Remove the drive belt and run the vehicle to see if the noise goes away. If the noise is no longer present, it is likely caused by a belt driven part. If the noise is still present, it would be wise to look into the possibility of excessive crankshaft end play.

For visual reference and further information on another related issue of the gears, please see:

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