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PPE is Testing a new Charge Air Cooler upgrade

I stopped in at PPE HQ in Las Vegas Nevada on Friday October 6th and was shown a preproduction piece they are working on. Turns out, this was one of a few as they were testing it's efficiency as well as matching factory airfow through the other coolers in the stack.

The all aluminum charge air cooler radiator is thicker than the factory unit and uses more surface area as the factory brackets are removed and replaced with more radiator. The 3.0 Duramax Diesel uses a water cooled charge air cooler that consists of a radiator, a pump and the charge air cooler on top of the engine. the cooling system used here is not shared with the engine as that is a separate system in itself.

This cooler should bring temperatures down once the shutters are opened up and should decrease the amount of time needed to cool the coolant as well as increase the amount of time before the coolant increases in temperature.

If you are unfamiliar as to why this coolant can get so hot, allow me to explain. The turbocharger is spun by the exhaust gases on the backside, the front side is spinning due to this force and is compressing the air coming in from the airbox. Compressing will increase temperatures as will the temperatures the turbo is experiencing from the backside. This hot air now needs to travel through a cooler before it enters the engine. Cooler air will increase power over hotter air and you can see the gains to be had by a radiator like this.

This radiator will pair really well with the already available PPE Charge Air Cooler which adds to the efficiency of the 3.0 Duramax Diesels.

Check out the YouTube video here:


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