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40,000 Vehicles ?! Glow Plug Failure? Special Coverage for 2020 LM2 Silverado / Sierra

Special Coverage for #2 Glow Plug failure in 2020 LM2 3.0 Duramax Diesel to be offered for 150,000 miles / 15 Years, whichever occurs first.

N232430460 - Glow Plug Cylinder #2

Owners of 2020 Trucks should receive a letter in the mail in the coming months to inform them about the additional special coverage. Special coverage is not a recall, it is just additional coverage for repair to a specific part, in this case, the #2 glow plug only.

If you have a #2 glow plug failure and are outside of the factory warranty, you can call your local dealership and check to see if the coverage pertains to your Vehicle Identification Number. It said to be up to 40,000 vehicles affected.

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