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2024 Silverado / Sierra Sheet Metal Splitting !?!?

If you own a 2024 Silverado or Sierra, it would be a good idea to inspect your left rear door jamb for any cracks. GM has just informed dealers of, "Service Update N242443440 Rear Body Sheet Metal Split"

Dealers are to inspect the drivers side rear door jamb for a crack in the sheet metal. If one is found, and it may be difficult to see, then it will need to be repaired.

The repair procedure is to drill a 1/8" hole at each end of the crack, this will stop it from getting larger. The crack will then need to be properly welded, primed then painted. All of which is covered under the "New Vehicle Limited Warranty".

Dealers can verify your vehicle at the time of your regular service visits by checking in "Investigate Vehicle History" through the GM Dashboard. If your vehicle applies to this service procedure, it will show "OPEN". The technicians can then verify if your vehicle has a crack or not.

It is worth mentioning, the 2024 trucks also had a bulletin for the roofs splitting, very similar to this one. that was limited to a certain timeframe of vehicles produced, but still, what's the problem that's causing this?

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