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REVIEWED: Every Single Modification For The 3.0 Duramax Diesel

In the latest video upload from Demonworks, Greg discusses every single part available for the 3.0 Duramax Diesel. With a full spreadsheet, every link is clicked and discussed in detail as quickly as possible while sharing the pros and the cons of each item, in his opinion.

Form The video Notes:

I have tested so many modifications, that I felt I needed to sit down and discuss each. Every day i get more questions on if someone should buy this or that, I hope this video resolves these questions for you. I prefer to not tell people what to get, but rather inform people of my findings and let them make the decision if it's right for them or not. I have included some purchasing links below. these are links to the sites but some may include affiliate links which may help the channel continue to test more products in the future. I appreciate the support !

Weigh Safe Discount Code is in the video ( Dee Double You Fifteen ) spell that out normal

K&N Air Filter:

ACDelco Fuel Filter:

3.0 Duramax Oil Change W/ PPE Oil Filter:

3.0 Duramax Oil Change W/ ACDELCO:

Fuel Filter Socket:

Fuel Filter KlickWrench Socket:

Aluminum Fuel Filter Cap:

Banks iDash Data Monster - 66760

Banks iDash Super Gauge - 66562 (piggyback kit to datamonster)

Banks Pedal Monster Kit - 64311 (piggyback kit to datamonster)

Banks Stealth Pod Single - 63369 Banks Stealth Pod Dual - 63370

VIDEOS Mentioned:

PPE Zilla Carbon Pipe:

S&B with Factory Airbox:

PPE Resonator Delete:

PPE Exhaust on 21:

PPE Exhaust on 22.5 (best Sound Clips):

PPE Pipes and Resonator Delete:

PPE Charge Air Cooler / Intercooler Installation:

PPE Engine Oil Pan:

PPE Charge Air Cooler Radiator:

Banks iDash Single pod:

Banks iDash Dual Stealth Pod:

Fuel Filter OEM vs CHINA:

Oil Filter Video:

VSE Fuel System Saver:

As an Amazon Affiliate / Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases. Your support is appreciated as it helps the channel to continue to test products!


AFE Momentum HD




Intake Pipe

PPE Zilla

Air Filter



Green Filters

AFE Magnum Flow Pro 5r

AFE Magnum Flow Pro DRY S

Turbocharger + Components

PPE Charge Air Cooler Radiator

PPE Charge Air Cooler

PPE Pipes

PPE Resonator Delete

AFE Blade Runner

S&B Pipe

S&B Pipe

VSE Turbocharger






Tuning / Power Adders





AG Diesel Solutions

Stealth module

RUN VSE Tuning

Green Diesel Tuning

PPEI Tuning


Engine Lubrication

PPE Oil Pan

PPE Oil Filter

AFE Oil Filter

K&N Oil Filter

PPE Catch Can

Engine Monitoring

Banks idash

Edge CTS3

Fuel Filtering


K&N Fuel Filter

Doc's Diesel

RunVSE Fuel System Saver

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